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How to Submit

First thing to remember;

Pick the right gallery! If I find that the gallery is incorrect, I will decline and also send a comment to you about it so that you can resubmit.

Only sets/zipped files/deviations with several textures in one are allowed in the Featured gallery as of now. Single texture deviation have to be submitted to a specific gallery folder. Sets should also be submitted to the specific gallery (and then we will copy them to Featured).

Right now there is a limit of 5 submission per member per week.

There are different ways of submitting to the gallery:

  1. You can click on the "Submit Art" on the front page. Fill out the details and remember to pick the right folder.

    • You can click on the Gallery tab. Then at the top there is a button which says "Submit to this Gallery". Click on it (choose which way, a new or using an already existent deviation). Please remember to pick the correct folder to submit to.

      • Click on the main Gallery tab. Scroll down to the specific gallery you want. On the right side of the gallery heading, there is a + button. Click on it and follow the instructions.

        • Go to the main Gallery (Gallery tab) and click on the exact gallery you want to submit to (for example; Lights). Click on Submit to This Gallery and follow the instructions.

Have a suggestion of a new gallery/folder? Suggest away!